Labour Party Parliamentary and London Assembly Candidate Selections

London Region outside HOC

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In preparation for future elections, GMB London Region has an open application process and holds interviews for any GMB member who wishes to enter the world of politics. Candidates may want to stand for council with a GMB endorsement during their local selection process, or they may want to stand for Parliament and require our nomination in the selection process and support as an MP. 


Where does GMB London Region cover? 


GMB London Region is one of seven GMB Regions. We cover a large geographical patch. Within our boundaries are wards and seats within: 


  • Bedfordshire 
  • Buckinghamshire 
  • Cambridgeshire (including Peterborough) 
  • Essex 
  • Hertfordshire 
  • Norfolk 
  • Oxfordshire 
  • Suffolk 
  • London (north of the Thames is GMB London Region, south of the Thames is GMB Southern Region). 


If the council ward or parliamentary seat you are interested in does not fall within our boundaries, we recommend you contact the correct GMB Region for help and support through their local website or our National Website


What type of candidate are you looking for? 

We believe that to truly represent a community, as a councillor or an MP, then selections should not just be for professionals. There is a strong belief that to represent the needs of a ward or constituency, GMB should take into consideration the life and working experiences of any candidate wishing to stand for election with a GMB endorsement.

It is with this in mind we are encouraging all members – especially those from working class backgrounds wishing to be added to the GMB London Region Parliamentary and Council Selection Panel - to come forward. 


There is no ideal type of candidate. Candidates should come from all walks of life, but we do have an expectation that if you want our endorsement, you should not join GMB to further your political ambitions, but instead because you care about our union, our members, our wider movement and the concerns of working people. 


I am an elected councillor, how do I become a GMB councillor? 


Simply fill out our councillor survey and join GMB. We have a GMB London Region Councillor Network that you are welcome to join and receive updates from, or you can even stand for a position and get more involved. The councillor survey is here: Councillor Survey


What is the process to be a GMB endorsed Parliamentary Candidate? 


Firstly, GMB London Region can only consider candidates who are members of the GMB union for a minimum of 12 months. Secondly, all candidates must fill out the below application and are then called in for an interview in front of our lay members and the political team. Thirdly, if you pass your interview you are put on GMB London Region’s Selection Panel. Lastly, once the seat you are interested in is advertised, we will convene a meeting of members to discuss and vote on who is the best person to be our candidate from all those on the panel – looking at all applications, interview scores, including additional information from relevant branches. This meeting ratifies the union’s decision and is final. 


We only guarantee members who meet the 12 month rule an interview, and kindly ask that you apply in good time ahead of your potential seat selection opening date, not afterwards, as the timescales are now so tight after recent rule changes. 


If you do not meet the 12 month rule, but believe there is an exceptional circumstance, please contact us directly for a conversation. 


What goes on my councillor or parliamentary selection form?  


So that the GMB London Region can consider your application we would be grateful if you could complete the below online form. The Regional Political Officer might make immediate contact with you if your application relates to a selection we have already completed the process for or one where we will need to interview you sooner rather than later.  


The GMB values its nominations and selection process. We have agreed a policy that we will only give support to those who have previously worked with the union and those who can clearly demonstrate work in their community.  


If you want to be considered for an interview for GMB London Region’s Selection Panel, and all the training that goes with it, then please complete the necessary form required to start the process off. Incomplete forms will sadly not be considered, including forms without references.

You have the choice of completing the form for being a GMB councillor or parliamentary candidate, please indicate which clearly on your application.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the application and we wish you luck in gaining support from GMB. We will advise of the Region’s decision in due course. 


Fields marked with * are required. 

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Application Type

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Contact Details

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Your Address

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GMB & You

GMB & You

  • You must have at least 12 months’ minimum membership before the Union will consider your support application.

  • The GMB only supports Candidates who supports the GMB.

  • The GMB survives on recruitment and retention.

  • The GMB London Regions position on funding is that we may offer our members only some political funding when required, and agreed by the Regions Political Committee.

About You

About You



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