The John Cope Trust

Considering further education?

The John Cope Trust could help

One of the many benefits GMB London Region offer members is The John Cope Trust. This is set up for members interested in pursuing courses or further education funded by the region.

The John Cope Trust was established in 1997 aiming to:

  • Be open to all London Region members even those who are unemployed or retired from affiliated Branches
  • Offer equal access regardless of personal status
  • Provide sponsorship for non-residential courses
  • Seek to provide real financial assistance for the duration of the course
  • Cover enrolment fees, travel and material expenses
  • Promote education which will benefit the Trade Union and the Labour movement
  • Be flexible in its delivery and approach
  • Monitor, encourage and promote the individual’s success

The conditions for application/sponsorship are as follows;

  • Applicants must have paid 53 weeks’ consecutive subscriptions
  • Letter of endorsement from the Branch
  • Report on course progress to Branch/Region at set intervals
  • Provision of receipts as necessary
  • Permission to use sponsorship in recruitment literature on behalf of the Region
  • Agreement to return any monies not used for the purpose granted by the Trustees


Sponsorships have been awarded to members undertaking courses as varied as;

teacher training, sign language, politics, health and safety, social economics, media studies, law, information technology, horticulture, plumbing plus many more.


If you would like to find out more information about The John Cope trust, please contact Helen Mendieta on 01582 393165 or Paul Ward on 0208 518 9200 or you can email