Councils are facing huge budget cuts from Central Government

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Austerity isn't Working

Councils up and down the county are facing huge budget cuts from Central Government  This is not about 'balancing the book's but is about poetical choices being made by Theresa May's government to roll back the state at the cost of the vulnerable, the elderly, children and the least well off in our society

At the end of November GMB London Region were out and about very early in the morning at Sidcup Station handing out leaflets with Labour Councillors from across London to commuters. We were highlighting the devastating cuts that all councils are facing and which will hit the poorest in our communities. James Brokenshire, the local Tory MP and Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government is the architect of these cuts and these are  just another example of how the Tory government is using the excuse of austerity as a political weapon of choice. For more details about the campaign go to: