Team GMB are always at the ready when it comes to elections

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Elections 2019

With the current Parliamentary turmoil over Brexit who knows when the next general election will be called, but whether it is next month, next year or 2020, Team GMB will be ready to return a Labour Government.

Unless a snap general election is called, there are no planned elections in London in 2019 but GMB London Region will still be busy as we cover a Region from Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Kings Lynn all the way down to the river Thames and there will be Council and Mayor elections right across all those seven counties in 2019.

We will be publishing a list of Team GMB campaign dates early in the New Year so come along and get involved. Don't worry if you have never been out canvassing for Labour before, as we will always pair you up with a seasoned campaigner. Team GMB days are a great introduction to practical politics and a chance to meet fellow activists and GMB MP“s and Councillors from right across the region

You can also sign up to be a #TeamGMB activist, simply follow the link #TeamGMB Activist