Labour Pull off the Unexpected

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The election is now over. However, it looks like another one is not that too far away.

The election is now over.  However, it looks like another one is not that too far away. The result has left the UK with a Hung Parliament and the Tory’s are having to side up to the DUP to keep power by the skin of their teeth.

The country can’t be in a worst position with Brexit pushing us towards the precipice, and not to mention to a failing economy. What a disaster!

However, the one sign of relief is that where many predicted a large loss of Labour seats to the Tory’s, Labour done well to not only hold onto what they had, but in addition most seats increased their majority.

The Tory’s cry for a “strong and Stable Leadership” has well and truly backfired on Mrs May. The only Leader looking anywhere near strong and stable is Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy’s dream was to encourage young members to exercise their rights to vote, and young people voted in their droves.

It’s great to see so many young people getting involved with politics

Let’s hope it continues until we beat the Tory’s once and for all.

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