GMB London Region are looking to increase the working class voice in Parliament

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Your voice could make a real difference

The Labour Party is the Party of organised labour and working class people and as a founding Trade Union of the Party, the GMB are always looking to support elected representatives who share our values and aspirations for improving the lives of all people in this county. GMB London Region are looking for members who are interested in seeking selection as Labour candidates for Parliament, the London Assembly, directly elected Mayors and Councillors.

Parliamentary democracy fails if the people who get elected come from a very narrow pool of professional politicians, business people or special advisors, as they do not represent ordinary people and all strands of our country and communities. GMB London Region is committed to supporting our members who seek to represent our voice and values, so that Parliament pursues policies that better the working lives of all people in the UK.

We periodically hold interviews for members who are seeking GMB endorsement and if you are interested, follow the link to our online application form