Political Education for GMB Members

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An introduction to the Labour Party for trade unionists

TULO in the East of England (covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire) are launching an introductory political education course.

The course is aimed at all trade union members who live in the six counties of the East of England and who want to get more involved in the Labour Party and politics in general, or who just want to learn more about why the Trade Unions do ‘politics’ and the link with the Labour Party. No prior knowledge is needed and you don’t need to be a Labour Party member.

This interactive training takes place online over two, two-hour sessions on Thursday 3rd September from (6PM-8PM) and Thursday 10th September 2020 (6PM-8PM).

To register just go to the sign up link here:  An introduction to the Labour Party for trade unionists.

As an introductory course it’s ideal for those new to the Labour Party or for industrially active members that have not yet become politically active.

The training will be delivered by the national and regional TULO Officers.

Political Education for GMB Members