Vote for the next Labour Party Leader & Deputy Leader

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The race for a new Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party is underway

GMB members have your say in these crucial elections


Members of the GMB, who pay the political levy can vote in the forthcoming Labour Leader and Deputy Leader contests, whether they are individual members of the Labour Party or not.

As an affiliated union to the Labour Party, GMB members have the right to vote in these elections, which will take place between now and April.

It is very easy to register for a vote. Just follow the link below and register as an affiliated supporter of the Labour Party, this is free for anybody who pays the GMB political levy.

Do this as soon as possible but no later than 5.00pm on 3rd February January 2020.

This election is crucial for the direction of the Labour Party over the next five years as they look to hold the Tory government to account as an effective opposition both in Parliament and the country and in seeking to reconnect with the voters they lost at the General Election in December.

Have your say and register now.

Labour Leadership Election 2020

For further information and FAQs about these elections click here