Retired Members Association (RMA) Conference October 2021

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RMA held a virtual conference on the 19th October 2021

After the welcoming of everybody a minute’s silence was held in respect of Liz Blackman, Joe Isaacs and Trevor Fellows and all other colleagues, friends and family.

My report to Conference was given in welcoming National Secretary Jude Brimble and looking forward to the RMA becoming more involved with GMB and that we would look to seek to be able to submit a motion to the GMB Congress.

The Conference heard from 20 motions and out of them there were 2 composites plus two emergency motions submitted by the National RMA. All motions were unanimously carried.

London Region’s two delegates Duncan Lynsey and Heather Hamblin moved and seconded our Motions and spoke very well.

Conference was addressed by Barbara Plant GMB National President who reported on her attending the Nottingham Office on the opening of the Liz Blackman Library and that the GMB have now got 3 Women Regional Secretaries.

Gary Smith the GMB General Secretary welcomed the Conference and pleased that Jude Brimble had become the National Coordinator and grateful for the service the RMA gives.

Gary spoke on:

  • The Financial growth areas that are falling down to furlong and the loss of members either  through Covid 19 or Closing of workplaces and close to running a deficit.
  • The Union is going to make changes to Unionline.
  • Need to do what we know best on organising the Workplaces .
  • Have spent too much energy in Politics and not enough time listening to our members.
  • Refresh the GMB@Work which everybody have a part to play.

From listening to some of the motions there is an area for campaigns in Care Work making work better.

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