Award winning gardeners at Regents Park to strike

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Members will walk out on Thursday 1st February for 24 hours. The dispute is over skilled gardeners at Regent’s park receiving lower pay than gardeners at the other Royal Parks.

GMB Organiser Anna Lee said: These highly skilled gardeners have won several awards for their work over the past few years. The staff at Regent’s park were the recipients of the prestigious BALI award (British Association of Landscape Industries). The awards recognise the years of work put in to create wonderful open spaces for the public to enjoy. It’s a shame their employer Idverde and the Royal Parks do not recognise it.

The Royal Parks have for many years awarded the grounds maintenance contracts to employers who pay the lowest and offer poor terms and conditions. Skilled workers are leaving and there is no recognition that the Royal Parks need to invest in staff and hence the future of the parks.

Skilled experienced grounds keepers maintain these beautiful parks for the benefit of all Londoners, but they now face the ugly prospect of being priced out of their own City. GMB London is not likely to allow this to happen.

 It would appear that those in control of the Royal Parks Charity who manage these nationally renowned parks on behalf of the Government and the Senior management team are far removed from the reality of the day-to-day experience of workers who provide grounds maintenance services to maintain quality service to the Royal Parks

One member said “ We work really hard all year in all weathers and all we are asking for is the same pay for the same job no matter which park you work at. We feel like a two tier workforce”

We call on Idverde and the Royal Parks to recognise and value these skilled workers and give them the pay rise they deserve.

Contact: Anna Lee, Regional Organiser, 07870 176720