Evri couriers accept a bumper pay increase

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Evri couriers accept bumper 13 per cent pay increase that recognises couriers' worth

GMB Union, the trade union for couriers and drivers, has reached an agreement with the online delivery platform Evri, that will deliver a significant increase in the rates paid to GMB members who provide courier services for Evri.

The agreement, which was confirmed by a ballot of GMB members during November 2023, will mean a rate increase of up to 13 per cent, based on the courier’s average daily earnings and backdated to June 2023

In addition, GMB negotiated the reinstatement of the option for ‘Lifestyle’ category couriers to switch to ‘Self-employed Plus’ (SE+) giving couriers who switch the same benefits of protection and paid holidays enjoyed by SE+ couriers. 

Tracy Beeson, GMB London Region Evri representative said:

"This is a great result for our members who work hard in very challenging roles for Evri and its customers. This agreement is a testament to what can be achieved when GMB and Evri work together in constructive dialogue, agreeing on positive results for our members and the business.

“GMB is not resting on its laurels, starting next with a campaign to see improved health and safety at delivery units, along with further pay and conditions improvements for 2024-25. It is a good time for couriers to be part of GMB, so we urge all at Evri to take heed and be part of a union that is making positive change for its members.”

For more information, contact Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser, 079 6776 3980.