GMB call on Ealing Council to step in to stop Bullying in outsourced street cleaning contract

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GMB call on Ealing borough council to step in to stop bullying and harrassment in outsourced street cleaning and refuse contractor amey.

Bullying and Harassment has no place whatsoever in any workplace environment says GMB London.

Recent reports of Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation from GMB members employed by Amey, the private contractor who provide Refuse, Street Cleansing &  Recycling services to the London Borough of Ealing, has prompted GMB to conduct a confidential survey of its members in order to identify how widespread the issue of inappropriate behaviour is within the Contract.

GMB Trade Union has long been at the forefront of eradicating any form of bullying in workplaces of GMB members. Bullying and harassment at work can be very traumatic and distressing and have far reaching and devastating consequences, all too often many employees endure some form of inappropriate behaviour at work and are afraid to report it for fear of reprisal.

GMB members employed by Amey on the outsourced contract have complained about bullying and harassment by management and are asking the union for assistance in bringing this to an end. 

GMB members also believe that they are more likely to be harassed, bullied or discriminated against more now than one year ago.

Keith Williams, GMB London senior organiser said

“Bullying and Harassment has no place whatsoever in any workplace environment. No employee should be subjected to feeling isolated because of inappropriate behaviour from their employer. All working people want to do is go to work, do their job and go home to their families at the end of the day with their dignity and respect intact.

“GMB are currently evaluating the responses of the confidential survey received from our members. What is a concern, from the surveys received so far, is that GMB members believe they are more likely to be harassed, bullied or intimidated more now, than they were a year ago.

“GMB will publish the full details and take immediate action to stop any form of Bullying by Amey, and will be calling on Ealing Council to investigate, as the Council has a moral obligation to monitor the employment ethics of any third party Company who is contacted to provide services to the Council.”


Contact: Keith Williams 07710 631339