GMB London slams Thurrock Council for proposals that represent a huge brutal pay cut for some of the lowest-paid

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The GMB London slams Thurrock Council for plans to cut workers’ pay and conditions

Thurrock Council’s proposals are a real kick in the teeth for GMB members who have been working on the front line, putting others before themselves to provide essential services throughout the pandemic for the community of Thurrock.

GMB, the union for council workers, is fighting Thurrock Council’s plans to change the terms and conditions of its front line workforce. These plans will drastically reduce some allowances and removed other allowances altogether. Such allowances make up a worker’s salary for working unsocial hours, overtime, night shift and bank holidays.

If Thurrock’s plans go ahead it will amount to a loss of thousands of pounds annually for our members. This represents a real pay cut for GMB members, many of whom rely on these allowances to help cover living costs. A reduction in pay will mean putting our members in dia straights financially at a time when many households are really feeling the financial impact of the pandemic.

Daren Parmenter, GMB London Regional Organiser said:

“The GMB London will resist these plans which could cut members' pay by thousands annually.

“NHS workers have been offered an insulting 1% pay increase and the rest of public service employees are having an imposed pay freeze, Thurrock Council’s proposals represent a huge brutal pay cut at a time when GMB members have been putting themselves at risk to serve the community of Thurrock.

“These cuts will see the lowest paid key workers face extreme difficulty trying to make ends meet, whilst the highest-paid council leaders experience no cuts.”

GMB London calls on Thurrock Council’s leadership team to withdraw this appalling proposal and show some appreciation and respect to their employees as they continue to serve Thurrock’s community during these difficult times.



Daren Parmenter, GMB London Regional Organiser 077 2579 1833