Leader of Council receives 70% pay increase whilst Refuse and Steet Cleaning workers have received nothing.

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Dispute in Ealing no nearer to being resolved as Greener Ealing Ltd and Ealing Council are no nearer to tabling a decent pay offer despite a meeting with GMB on 13th September where GMB again stressed the need for this to move forward.

GMB is disappointed that a pay offer seems to be no nearer as Ealing Council and GEL cannot get together and work out a way forward and yet the Leader of Ealing Council received his pay increase which was a staggering £25.000 back in May.

Keith Williams, GMB London Region Senior Organiser said:

“For the Leader of the Council Peter Mason to have received a 70.9% pay increase whilst failing to successfully fund their Trading Company to allow for a pay offer for hard-working and loyal staff is disgraceful and a lack of respect for workers.

“ During this cost of Living crisis where hard-working people are becoming reliant on foodbanks and worrying about soaring energy costs, it is unbelievable that the Leader of the Council has taken a 70% pay increase of £25.000 which is more than some people earn.

“For somebody who has previously publicly apologised for mistakes in accepting £3000 and sponsorship to go to the MIPIM real estate conference in Cannes in 2019 at least we can now hope that this huge pay increase will allow him to pay for his own luxury holidays.

"The Leader has however managed to be generous and find almost £20.000 for the Cabinet member responsible for Greener Ealing Ltd, if not the Greener Ealing Workers. These clear double standards cannot be tolerated and GMB demands that the Leader of the Council ensures that Greener Ealing Ltd puts forward a decent and credible pay offer as a matter of urgency” It's not a good look to have such unfairness in pay awards with Leaders prioritising themselves and their friends over workers.

"Members are understandably angry that whilst they are struggling and facing financial pressures those with the power to make a difference are not doing anything and yet are happy to take taxpayers' monies for themselves. Maybe a Leader who is used to luxury holidays in Cannes is incapable of understanding the day-to-day reality of how the cost of living crisis of employees.

"It is clear that there is enough money to fund an increase in Peter Mason's pay and the Cabinet member responsible for Greener Ealing Ltd when it benefits them directly, GMB London Region suggests that it may also be in their own interests and the interests of their residents to prevent the sort of industrial action we have seen in Glasgow."


For more information:  Keith Williams, GMB London Region Senior Organiser 077 1063 1339