London’s major tourist attractions face strike action

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Many of London’s major tourist attractions including Tower Bridge, the Barbican and Hampstead Heath face industrial action as GMB members working for the City of London Corporation vote overwhelmingly for industrial action.

Following consultative ballots and rejection of the Corporation’s 2022-23 pay offer, GMB members were balloted for strike action with 77% prepared to withdraw their labour on strike days yet to be confirmed. 

A GMB member employed by the City of London Corporation said: 

“I did vote to strike, not that I really want to but we have to take a stand and the Corporation needs to properly reward staff.  

“Loads of people have left the Corporation for other jobs that pay more. The Corporation doesn’t seem to care about its workforce anymore, so we had to do something. 

Anna Lee, GMB London Regional Organiser said: 

“Our members are understandably angry that whilst they are struggling and facing financial pressures those with the power to make a difference are not doing anything. This vote for industrial action shows just how strongly our members feel and how they will continue to fight for a fair and decent pay rise.

“The Corporation of London is one of the wealthiest organisations in this country, and how they can say it cannot afford to pay more to its employees can’t be true, It is a political choice not to pay more.  Whilst the Corporation continues to use taxpayers' money to fund extravagant dinners, workers are skipping meals and using food banks.  The Corporation is detached from the everyday reality of the majority of its workers.

“‘This is an historic vote, the first time ever that City of London Corporation staff have voted to strike over pay. I hope in light of this vote the Corporation will reconsider its position and get back to the negotiating table and present an offer which truly recognises the hard work, reliability and dedication of its workforce.”


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For more information please contact Anna Lee, GMB London Regional Organiser on 078 7017 6720.