Move to arbitration as workers producing some of the nation’s favourite ready meals reject unsavoury pay offer

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Pilgrim Food Masters at Spurway and GMB Union have moved to arbitration after GMB members rejected the employer's paltry pay offer.

GMB members at Spurway know their counterparts working at Pilgrim’s Noon Foods were offered a better deal, incensed by this GMB members at Spurway want a matched offer, essential for these low-paid members facing increasing bills and inflationary costs.

GMB, the union for workers in food manufacturing has failed to reach pay resolution with the management at Spurway, a site producing ready meals and owned by Pilgrim Food Masters – a giant in the food industry that manufactures ready meals supplied to the likes of Waitrose, M&S, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco says GMB London.

Gavin Davies, GMB London Region Senior Organiser said:

“It is a real shame that negotiations between GMB and Pilgrim’s management have come to this. The employer must understand how unhappy and anxious this is making our members working at the site. They are aware that the employer has made site closures and has plans for further cuts so that shareholders don’t lose out on their dividends.

“GMB asks that the employer consider what the cost of living crisis is doing to a workforce that worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and helped get the company get through that difficult time.

“GMB calls on the company to put a better deal on the table that will be acceptable to our members at Spurway, an offer that makes a positive difference when times are hard and living in London comes at a premium.”

Notes to editors

For more information please contact Gavin Davies 079 3098 3376 or Hiten Vaidya 075 5212 0740

GMB has planned a demonstration with members over pay and the employer’s plans for the closure of Pilgrim Food Masters’ site in Collet Way, Southall. Details to follow.