The FA and UEFA must now follow the Football Association of Wales with equality pay deal

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With the announcement made by the Football Association of Wales, GMB renews its call on the FA and UEFA to award women’s and men’s football equal prize money for winning and participating in competitions.

GMB Union represents many match hospitality and security staff at several Premier League stadiums says gender discrimination in footballers’ pay is wrong and outdated.  

Penny Robinson, GMB London Regional President, said: 

"Hard-fought equal pay battles have been won across every sector. This blatant sexism is outdated and pay parity for women’s football is long overdue. It’s the right thing to do to encourage more women and girls into professional sports.

“It’s great to see women’s football audiences and followers growing but the FA and UEFA need to address this inequality and lead where other sports bodies must follow.

 “There’s plenty of money in the game – so let’s blow the final whistle on this shameful inequality.” 


Hilda Tavolara, GMB London Region Equality Officer, 079 7678 4737