T.U.U.T Charitable Trust proud to donate funds to five regional food banks

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Warren Kenny, GMB London Regional Secretary and GMB representative on the board of Trustees of the TU Fund Managers, today announced a donation to five regional Trussell Trust Food banks of £1,000 each.

The T.U.U.T. Charitable Trust, the charitable arm of TU Fund Managers set up by the trade union movement in 1969 with the intention then and is still the intention now, that profits distributed by the companies should go to good causes rather than individual shareholders. Should you need more information or update,

Warren Kenny, GMB London Regional Secretary said:

“Food banks the length and breadth of the country have proved a vital resource in  communities, especially during these unprecedented times. We know that more people are being hit hard as many thousands of UK households face losing their regular income, perhaps facing debt and reliance on the welfare state for the first time and we welcome the work of the Trussell Trust do with others in the voluntary sector to provide specialist benefit and debt advice.

It goes without saying that there should not be any demand for food banks in a country which is the fourth richest in the world, but the pandemic has only escalated the demand for food donations, necessary if people are to survive. It is crucial that the food industry, companies and other donators continue to support this very worthy charity and other community food banks and kitchens.”

GMB London Region and T.U.U.T Charitable Trust is proud to be supporting the invaluable work of the Trussell Trust, the five food banks to receive a donation of £1, 000 each are  Luton/Dunstable, Chelmsford, Norwich, Wembley and Hayes.



Ida Clemo, GMB London Region Policy & Operations Officer 078 7940 7179

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Editor’s Notes:


The T.U.U.T. Charitable Trust was set up by the trade union movement in 1969 for the sole purpose of owning TU Fund Managers Limited and subsequently TU Additions Limited and TU Financial Management Services Limited . The intention was – and still is – that profits distributed by the companys should go to good causes rather than individual shareholders.

It is a requirement of the Trust Deed that all the trustees must be trades unionists, the intention being to ensure that causes which benefit should broadly be those that would be supported by the movement. Trade unions – and indeed individuals – are free to nominate favoured causes, all of which are reviewed by the trustees before any payment is made.

The activities of the Trust are broadly divided into Home and Overseas.