ULEZ Expansion will hit hard-pressed Londoners, GMB Congress hears

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ULEZ nothing but a stealth tax, GMB delegates are told.

The ULEZ expansion will discriminate against workers struggling with the cost of living, GMB congress heard today [Wednesday]. 

At the union's annual conference in Brighton, frontline workers spoke about the impact the increased Ultra Low Emissions Zone will have. 

Without a proper impact assessment or consultation, the ULEZ expansion on 29 August will have a devasting effect on the poorest workers, delegates were told. 

GMB officials met with the London Mayor Sadiq Khan to express the concerns of members, but to date none of the suggestions made to mitigate the impact have been adopted. 

Mike Tinnion, GMB Congress Delegate, said: 

 “This is nothing but a stealth tax. 

 “We all want better air quality, but the ULEZ expansion alone is not going to achieve this.  

 “GMB has members across many thousands of workplaces who cover a variety of shift patterns, reliant on their cars to get them to and from work when public transport is not an option and never will be. 

 “The ULEZ charge will wreak havoc on those on low pay who will be forced to make life-changing decisions.  

 “The recent announcement by the Mayor of London about the scrappage scheme being expanded is welcome. 

 “But many cannot afford to change their car right now even if they are eligible for the scrappage scheme grant. 

 “GMB London will continue to listen to our members about the ULEZ expansion, and how it affects them.  

 “We will ensure that Mr Khan has access to this information in the hope that he can resolve the issues likely to be presented before it is too late."