Westminster Council must save historic gas lamps - GMB

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These central London gas lamps are part of our heritage, says GMB Union  

GMB Union today (Monday) called on Westminster Council to preserve 275 gas lamps which have illuminated London streets for almost 150 years.  

The gas lamps, operated and maintained by GMB members, were originally installed in the late 19th century and were the first streetlights to appear anywhere in the world. 

Westminster Council is seeking to replace each lamp’s lantern and convert from gas to electric operation. [1] 


Andy Prendergast, GMB National Secretary, said: 

“These central London gas lamps are part of our heritage. 

“Every year thousands of tourists flock to see them and it would be a tragedy if they were replaced in the name of modernisation.  

“No one is arguing the progress but deciding to replace them will wipe out years of history.  

“Westminster Council need to think long and hard about replacing them if it means that London loses some of its unique character. 

“With the potential to convert them to hydrogen just around the corner, such a decision would be a short-sighted attack on our capital’s heritage. 

 “GMB strongly urges the council to ensure that they remain in place for generations to come.” 

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