Women's teams deserve equal FA cup prize money

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Women's teams deserve equal FA cup prize money

Women and men’s football teams deserve equal prize money for winning the FA Cup, GMB congress was told 

The union, which represents match hospitality and security staff at several premiere league stadiums, calls on Football Association to end gender discrimination in footballers' pay.  

Women’s football teams receive less than £1,000 in the first round compared with over £22,000 for men at the same stage.  

During the whole competition women’s teams get less than 5 per cent of the prize money paid to men’s teams, congress was told in Brighton today [Wednesday]. 

Cathy Hanlon, GMB Congress delegate said:  

“Women play the same amount of time on the pitch, they train just as hard yet they are not being paid the same.   

“We also call for investment and equal access to sports for women and girls by shaking up the curriculum and providing equal sports opportunities to girls. GMB calls for equal play and equal pay.”   

 “The FA should level up the prize money available for women's teams in the FA Cup to the level paid to the men's teams in the same competition.   

“There’s plenty of money in the game – so let’s blow the final whistle on this shameful practice.”