Workers at engineering company crane announce two weeks of strike action

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GMB Members at Crane Building Services and Utilities in Hitchin announce strike dates following overwhelming vote for strike action in a dispute over pay.

The employer has now been informed that GMB members will walk out for two weeks, running from Tuesday 28th May, up to and including Friday 7th June.

Company founder R.T Crane resolved to be ‘liberal and just toward employees’, a sentiment which is not being felt by the current workforce.

One GMB member stated:

“My wages have only risen by £1.10 per hour in a decade. My skills and experience are clearly not being respected by Crane and I feel completely undervalued.”

Another member said:

“I’m fed up with having to work extra hours just to meet my constantly spiralling living expenses.”

John Colquhoun. GMB Senior Organiser said:

“Our members remain frustrated with their employer for stubbornly refusing to increase its 5 per cent offer, despite the overwhelming rejection and huge vote in favour of action.

“GMB call on Crane to respect their workforce and pay them what they’re worth, there is still time for a deal to prevent strike action that will sorely impact production.”

For more information, please contact John Colquhoun 079 8075 3114, Andre Marques 078 8586 8405