Yodel worker faces sack for simple error completing an accident record book

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A Yodel worker made a simple mistake when he completed a report in the employer’s accident book and now faces dismissal for an error that is being treated unreasonably by management.

Martin Newton A GMB member who has worked for many years at Yodel in Hatfield has been suspended for making a simple error when he recorded the accident his mum, also an employee at the same facility, had whilst at work says GMB London.

On his mum’s behalf, Martin Newton recorded his mums’ accident in an accident book at Yodel’s Hatfield Mega Facility to find himself subjected to weeks of suspension followed by an investigation that has now left him facing disciplinary action that may lead to his dismissal.  Yodel, having provided no training or guidance to staff about using the accident book, has escalated a simple mistake into what looks like an excuse for Yodel to be rid of Martin and his mum.

Martin Newton said

“My mum has health issues but continued to work until the accident and a subsequent operation. I wanted to ensure the accident went on record, the mistake I made was to sign it in my mum’s name, a clear and innocent error on my part but the management at Yodel has decided otherwise and has targeted me after many years of faithful and honest service.”

Steve Garelick GMB London Region Organiser said:

“You really wouldn’t think an employer could stoop so low, but Yodel has.

“The threat of dismissal and many months of suspension on what should have been a matter for clarification has taken its toll on our member. The stress and anxiety he’s experiencing because of an innocent mistake is made so much worse because of the way the employer is dealing with his case and the possible outcome of dismissal.

“The statements provided by Martin’s colleagues have been altered with no means of identifying who made the changes.

“In addition,  the chair that was provided to Martin’s mum prior to her accident was replaced with the faulty one as part of her required reasonable adjustments, with a new seat mysteriously arriving post-accident. These actions aren’t normal and seem deliberate to hide the truth.

“GMB will continue to support our members in a case that highlights injustice and an employer avoiding its responsibility to ensure proper training on all aspects of health and safety and workplace policy.”

GMB London calls on Yodel to act responsibly and proceed with this case appropriately to the level of the error.


For more information please contact Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser on 079 6776 3980