Asda House Demonstration

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Following the ballot results completed by GMB Members which showed a 93% REJECTION to the imposition of ASDA's contract 6, GMB have arranged for a MASS DEMONSTRATION to take place on 14th August 2019.

The demonstration will commence at Leeds City Square and will pass through ASDA house.  There will be guest speakers along with our General Secretary - Tim Roache.
The demonstration will be attended by GMB members, GMB Stewards and GMB officials from throughout the uk and has is been undertaken to show ASDA the overwhelming support by our members against the imposition of this new contract.

GMB have made the views of our members clear from the start to say that we OPPOSE this contract as we feel it is detrimental to our members.  Unfortunately ASDA do not wish to enter into negotiation to secure a mutually agreeable contract or listen to their colleagues.

GMB London Region will arrange transport for all those wishing to attend the demonstration on 14th August. (Times will vary based on your location and will be confirmed over the forthcoming days)

I would welcome your participation at the event and the chance to meet with you in person.

Can i ask you to phone my office on 01603 626492 to confirm if you are able to attend on the day?

Feel free to circulate this email and ask fellow members and other colleagues within ASDA to come along with you (non-members will need to join if they wish to attend).

Kind regards

Keith Dixon
GMB Lead Role Officer ASDA, WILKO and Retail
London Region
Office: 01603 626492