ASDA Retail – check your pay, it may be incorrect

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Last year Asda moved to using the centralised HRSS system for many of the human resource functions that have in the past been operated at a store level. This includes the managing of your hours and wages and the processing of exception reports for clocking in errors.

Many members have contacted GMB London Region to seek assistance where they have been paid less than what they believe they are owed. Upon investigation, often this has shown to be either an HRSS administrative error, or just as often has been the store failing to follow the HRSS process.

We would advise all members to regularly check your pay slips and punch details to ensure the right pay and hours are being applied to you. This is especially necessary for colleagues on Contract 6, as depending on shift length you may be unknowingly having longer breaks being deducted from your pay than you realise.

During discussions nationally Katie Shaw - SM HRSS informed GMB that members should check their punch details every week to ensure that the correct start, finish and break times are recorded.

This should be done within your working day and not during your break times nor outside of your contracted hours.  Please report any pay queries to your line manager or section leader.

If you have questions regarding the flexible clause, and GMB’s challenge of it, please speak to your local Shop Steward or visit the Member’s Support Centre at


Nathan Clarke

GMB National Shop Steward

GMB London Region