ASDA Retail – Consultation Closure

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GMB and Asda have agreed that we have exhausted collective consultation for the proposals involving Ambient CAP, Faster Facing, various changes to Home Shopping, and the changes to Section Leaders positions.

Regarding the Home Shopping proposal, Asda have decided not to use the pick rate for this consultation to score home shopping picker colleagues on their selection matrix. Additionally, the company has agreed to allow 6 hour shifts of 5 to 11am where possible, as opposed to the previous 5 hour shifts starting at 5 and 6am, which should help colleagues retain more hours and potentially achieve a 30-hour contract on picking alone.

In regards to Ambient CAP, GMB expressed serious concern at the evidence provided in the trial for CAP. Whilst the new process does indicate a marked improvement in shop floor availability for the customer, many of the trial stores were showing a significant lack of compliance to the process. Ambient CAP is a process that must be adhered to every day, and if there is a lack of compliance to it that can affect an entire week’s worth of process.

Asda have echoed those concerns, and will continue to monitor the trial stores in conjunction with the GMB National Forum and the Asda team behind Ambient CAP, so that we can get to the truth of why trial stores are finding it hard to comply with the process. CAP is not scheduled to be rolled out until after Easter, giving us time to investigate this.

The redundancy package has been agreed as statutory redundancy, plus an ex gratia payment, and your 2017 bonus. The figures for this will be available in your one to one meetings.

For affected colleagues, individual one to ones will start from the 15th of February. We advise you to speak to your GMB Shop Steward and request representation for these meetings.

If you are an affected member seeking representation and support, you can reach GMB at the GMB Members’ Support Centre by visiting:


Keith Dixon

ASDA Lead Role Officer