E.ON Joint Trade Union Pension News

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Dear Member

The four recognised national trade unions within E.ON have had  further meetings with management during the month of  January into February

Progress has been made towards hopefully finding a pensions settlement that could be sustainable and acceptable to affected trade union members in any pension ballot. This means that it fits with the principles the unions set out in the beginning of these talks, that any change must be: affordable, proportionate, protect the lowest paid, improve participation, value the rights of protected persons, recognise that pensions are deferred pay and that all workers deserve a decent pension on retirement.

While progress on a possible pension settlement has (we consider) been made, we have been clear that a positive outcome also depends on the company being clear and upfront about its employment plans into the future for all staff. The company did produce a series of plans and the trade unions have intervened to amend these to limit future job losses and outsourcing where possible. We will continue to discuss these future employment commitments  that we are asking should last into 2021 and seek to agree them along with the other proposals.

During these negotiations, the joint unions also requested that the business  make a simple pay offer to all collective staff of a value higher than they would be prepared to make to individual collectives at this time. This is to recognise that these talks are exceptional and that the package proposed would need all unions to recommend. Discussions continue on the value of any offer that could be made to staff.

The joint unions are clear that for any pensions/pay/job package to be recommended, each union needs further engagement and the consent of its representatives. Subject to a recommendation being agreed, all collective members will be balloted. This ballot will only take place after member briefings have taken place.  Further talks are set to take place in late Feb and we will again update you with any further progress.


UNISON, Unite, GMB and Prospect  

Please remember these negotiations are only possible because of active trade unions in your workplace. Only trade union members will have a say and a vote on any deal.