Morrison Data Services

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Dear Members

At a recent meeting with MDS, the following points were highlighted to Senior Management:

1.       Bullying and Harassment - The company were told that the National GMB Officer has been notified of instances of bullying behaviour amongst staff.  This is absolutely a zero tolerance issue to GMB and the Company agreed to reinforce this with all employees.

2.       The Company were informed that the policy for random drug and alcohol testing was not being followed correctly.  They agreed to make sure all staff know the correct procedure through team briefs etc. 

3.       Meetings with staff, that take place outside of MDS offices, must be appropriate to the conversations and agreeable to both parties.

4.       The GMB made it clear to the Company that the Grey Book does not override an individual’s terms and conditions of contract, which they fully accepted.

5.       All Rep should be invited to team briefs and dates not to conflict with other teams briefing for reps to attend.

6.       The policy for downtime will be with your local rep for you to review, as some managers are not applying it in the correct way when in PIP meetings.

Members will be kept advised of any further developments

Yours in solidarity

Bob Crosby, National Officer, Commercial Services