NGSF Pay Negotiations

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NGSF Pay Negotiations 2018

Since our last update the Trade Unions representing members on the NGSF have met the Company to seek to make progress on our pay claim.

We committed to providing an update to members on significant progress, however at this stage we remain a long way apart in terms of negotiating an offer that we would be able to recommend to members.

During negotiations National Grid has made a series of proposals for significant change that we have examined to assess the impact of, particularly when compared to the current pay arrangements and our pay claim.

While we understand that we are in a negotiating process, where both parties introduce their priorities establishing common ground can help in making progress. At the moment that is proving difficult and as such pay negotiation meetings have been paused to allow time to reflect.

National Grid remains a highly profitable and successful company and we will continue to press for a pay settlement that reflects that.

Please remember that this is the Trade Unions claim, and that members will make the final decision once negotiations have concluded. Please encourage any colleagues covered by the NGSF who are not members to join a union to have that say and receive the other benefits of union membership.

ETO Operations Agreement Negotiations

Separate to pay negotiations members employed in ETO Ops will be aware the Trade Unions have been in discussions with the Company around changes to the ETO Ops Agreements.

The Company proposals are very challenging and the Trade Unions have pushed back very firmly on some of these.

Progress has been slow and difficult due to the significant potential impact on members which the changes proposed by the Company would have.

Whilst progress has been made in some areas there remain a couple of areas where discussions continue to be very challenging.

Your negotiating team are working very hard to ensure that the outcome of these talks are fair and acceptable to members and can also provide some of the efficiencies the Company side feel are necessary.

The team negotiating this are as follows

Prospect - Tony Holmes – OHL, Jim Martin – Subs South, Kevin Bradbury – Subs North

Unite - Howard Beynon – NGSF, Dave Chamberlain, Tom Watson – Subs South, Ian Mould / Aaron Kennet – Subs South {London}, Steve Harvey – Subs North, Nick Plenty – OHL South, Ben Seedhouse – OHL North

NGSF Full Time Officers

Steve Thomas, Prospect. Matt Jones, Unite. Matthew Lay, UNISON. Justin Bowden, GMB.