GMB Advice to Members Regarding NEU Teachers’ Strikes

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The NEU Teachers Union has voted to take strike action to secure an increase in Teachers' pay.

GMB support staff members in schools voted last October to accept an average pay rise of 8.5%

You should have received your increase and back pay last November or December. GMB members have not been balloted around Teachers' Pay and by law cannot be called upon to take part in industrial action on Teachers' strike days. Members should work normally without undermining teachers who are on strike.

What does “work normally” mean?

It means you should work in accordance with your contract of employment and your usual duties/responsibilities for that day. It means you should not take on any additional responsibilities that arise directly as a result of the teachers’ industrial action. You should continue with your normal duties but should not take on any non-contractual additional responsibilities being given to you directly as a result of the industrial action. You should not be expected to be moved from your normal duties or provide cover for teachers taking industrial action or take on overtime or additional shifts to make up for the industrial action of other staff

What about picket lines?

The Code of Practice on Picketing says, “Everyone has the right to decide for themself whether they will cross a picket line.” If you decide not to cross a picket line because you feel at risk, you should contact your manager to explain that you are not on strike but you were too intimidated to cross the picket line.

What if the School is closed?

If your school is closed you should notify your employer that you are not on strike and you are available for work as usual, therefore you should be paid. If anyone is not a member - JOIN GMB online at