GMB visits Taiko Foods

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GMB the Union for food workers visited Taiko on Wednesday 4th May.

TAIKO are a major Sushi, Bentos and snacking products supplier.  Together with the supply of Japanese and oriental prepared meals.

GMB is seeking recognition from the company, on behalf of a large workforce employed on the Acton site. 

Gavin Davies, GMB Senior Organiser and Hiten Vaidya GMB Organiser met with the Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director and People's Manager at Taiko Foods limited. 

Talks for recognition are ongoing, but the initial meeting was a positive step. 

Gavin Davies GMB London Region Senior Organiser said:

“We welcomed the company's offer to meet with us. The opening talks were positive. 

“We aim to continue the dialogue with the company as it can only be good for our members. “ 

“GMB is actively seeking recognition on behalf of its members so that it can have a meaningful dialogue with the company and support members going forward. 


Contact: Gavin Davies, GMB London Region Senior Orgnaiser 079 3098 3376

Hiten Vaidya, GMB London Region Orgnaiser 075 5212 0740