Local Government Councils and Schools Workers

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Have your say on your pay!

“As inflation soars, public sector workers who kept us going during the pandemic are being asked to take a ruthless pay cut.” – Gary Smith, General Secretary, GMB

Thursday 15th July 2021 

In the last GMB update we advised you that we have approached Local Government employers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland setting out our disappointment on the pay offer.

You will be aware that the employers made a pay offer of 1.5% for 2021.

GMB have asked National Joint Council (NJC) national employers across Local Government, Councils and Schools to join with the trade unions and make a joint approach to the Westminster Government, for more funding for Local Government pay.

The employers are assessing their position on this, and we are expecting a response on this shortly.

We have continued to press for further talks and an improved pay offer. We expect a formal response is coming soon so we are gearing up to ensure that all GMB members have a say on their pay. Please ensure your details are up to date as only GMB members will get a vote in our ballot.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic our Local Government, School and Council workers have continued to work tirelessly to keep the country going, working above and beyond the call of duty, putting themselves and their families at risk to support the effort against Covid-19. Now that many protections will be removed on Monday 19th July, whilst infection rates are rising, we know that our members once again will be on the frontline, providing vital services to the public whilst putting themselves at risk.

GMB’s priority it to make sure your workplace is safe so please do get in touch if you are worried about lack of safety measures at work -


The success of busting the pay freeze was down to members coming together to campaign for pay justice - we need you to do this again. Help build the union in your workplace.

1. Message a friend on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp

2. Organise a meeting to discuss pay and to build support for the pay rise using our campaign resources

3. Update your details – every GMB member will get their vote make sure your details are up to date.

4. Become a workplace organiser - stand up to injustice in your workplace!

5. Recruit a member - Strength in numbers! The more people who join GMB, the stronger we are!