NJC Pay Offer 2021 - Update

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Dear Member

Re 2021 pay offer

Further to recent updates, we wanted to keep you informed as to developments in the 2021 pay offer. As you are aware, GMB members rejected the 1.75% offer although on a turn out significantly below that required to give us any confidence that we could win a ballot for industrial action. As a result of this, GMB informed the employers of our rejection and asked for the offer to be improved. The response from the employer’s side was to refuse to do this having already stated that it was the final offer.

Since then, we have received news that of the other unions, Unison’s members in England and Wales also rejected the offer but as their ballot turnout was low, they also have no ability to progress the issue via any form of industrial action. Unison’s ballot result for Northern Ireland is not due until Thursday 10th February. The other union in the negotiations, Unite, do not conclude their ballot until 21st February.

As a result of this position, we have held a meeting of the GMB NJC committee with a view of getting a way forward. Because of the employer’s refusal to increase the offer, coupled with the increase in National Insurance contributions which is due on 1st April 2022, we have pushed for the offer to be agreed in order to ensure that members get the back pay in March as opposed to losing some in extra tax by paying this in April. Although the sums involved in this are largely negligible (for example an employee on £20k per year would lose only £4.38 of the back pay), we strongly believe that you have waited long enough and should get every penny owed.

Sadly, although GMB were willing to ensure that you received the money as soon as possible, this view has not been supported by the other unions. Under the NJC constitution, if two unions accepted, the deal could have been signed off and paid before April to ensure you get all the money. At the time of writing, we have yet to get agreement for this to happen and the current delays make this less likely due to the time needed to process the payments.

Despite this, we are continuing to push for the agreement from the other unions in the hope that we can still get this paid and March and will update you very shortly with an update.

If you require more information about this, please contact your local rep of GMB branch.

Yours sincerely,


Andy Prendergast

National Secretary